5 x HUMALOG 3ml/100 iu/ml

 125.00  100.00

 Content : 3ml x 5 cartridges 100IU/ml

Manufacturer : LILLY

Pharmaceutical Name : Insulin


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Insulin is a protein secreted by the pancreas which acts on the liver to stimulate the formation of glycogen from glucose and to inhibit the conversion of non-carbohydrates into glucose. Insulin also promotes facilitated diffusion of glucose through cells with insulin receptors, and of course this means muscle tissue . As you may expect, very high concentrations of insulin have been soundly result in markedly stimulated muscle protein synthesis . It does this mainly at the translational level by enhancing peptide chain initiation . This property and it´s consequent results are probably the things which makes it most interesting to bodybuilders and athletes. This is because those factors combine to make ingested protein more efficient by promoting the transport of amino acids into muscle cells.

Insulin is considered to be one of the most powerful anabolic agents which are used by a lot of bodybuilders. It can add weight quicker than any other compound can give. Humalog is an insulin product and it is very much popular among bodybuilders. It signals the body to begin repair after a cycle thus it is also a very good drug or compound for post cycle. It also makes the muscles to be ready to accept the new improvements in the muscle and it helps transport amino acids which can help with your bodybuilding needs. The muscle gains that one can get from using Humalog insulin are notably legendary.

Because of its effectiveness, a lot of underground bodybuilding supplements and drug stores have Humalog insulin in their store because it is in demand. However, you should always remember that using this drug can lead to risky problems. Improper use of the drug can lead to coma and other severe health issues. This is not recommended for novice, only pro are advised to use this drug.

Most bodybuilders decide to use Humalog Insulin right after a workout because of its body repair mechanism. It can renew the tired and worn muscles due to rigid bodybuilding training.

For bodybuilders, the regular dosage for Humalog Insulin or Humulin-R usually is 1 UI per 15 to 20 pounds of lean bodyweight (10 UI is the most common usage). This may be adjusted downward slightly for users who are sensitive to the drug. Novice users may start low and add more UI until they find the best dosage that fits their preference. The best practice is to use 1 to 2 UI’s up to 5 to 6 times a day. This can provide the user better results with fewer side effects. 

There are times when you get tired after taking a shot of Humalog Insulin. To remedy this, you’ll need to get mixed carbohydrates like Gatorade with a few candy bars. It is wise to carry those around while you are using Humalog Insulin in your bodybuilding program. Do not use it at night because it is dangerous. The user will have some hard time identifying drowsiness from hypoglycemia which can lead to coma.

For better results, Humalog Insulin can be added to your workout cycle. Just make sure that you are using it properly so that you can avoid from getting any complications.


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